Pigeon nuisance

Nowadays in pigeon pollution situation




Increased in recent years, complaints or questions about Dove, has evolved to a social problem. Large amounts of feces from borne pathogens cause into the lives of our many pigeon feces and feather allergies, chirping and fluttering in my sleep disturbances, Dove and odors are many health hazards on people's daily lives. Also of pigeon droppings, aesthetic appearance of buildings detract from the only, or even the mood of the people who visit there!.
And don't forget that cause increase of the dove of the feed from the hands of those who are the biggest factors. Number of just too many people gives too much food and you fear will no longer live by themselves no longer. It is a dove then food from people who eat seeds and budding in the natural environment, and be able to live.

The main damage caused by Pigeon droppings

[Dried feces and feather diseases caused by pathogens and parasites and allergy symptoms:
主に脳炎、サルモネラ菌食中毒、ピジョンオーニソージス、 ニューカッスル病、トキソプラズマ症、クリプトコックス症などハトの糞から伝染すると言われています。

Disease of pigeons and relations with one include psittacosis. Sick, infected with chlamydia bird infection from wild birds, such as pigeons, the Craps Chlamydia in feces.
Infected droppings dry as dust and feathers soar and people breathe it in.

In addition, infected pigeons(Bird)Of living in the environment and is able to infect in close contact, such as touching, feathers and droppings the flying pigeon feathers and droppings are not good health.

Symptoms cold-like symptoms in humans, many patients infected wild birds lately, including pigeons and deaths have been announced and are experiencing various symptoms, such as conjunctivitis, otitis media, pneumonia. Staying close to the lives of our wild birds with the chances of such infection in pigeons is considered to be the problem.

Promotion of corrosion caused by Pigeon droppings can adhere to iron

Contains ammonia and acids in pigeon droppings, dried dung mixed with water and corrosive to the chemical reactions causing iron. Can cause damage the buildings and leave.
Also, less stain will fall over time, because the pigeons flying cause requires cleaning ahead of time.